Ah, I’m back.

This weekend, we were on our annual band trip. This year, we were scheduled to go to Florida (Disney, etc.) but because of lack of students who were able to afford the trip (in other words, actually saved when they heard a year ago we were wanting to plan that trip), we changed our plans and went to Dallas instead. It was a great time as I got to hang out with the Senior Trombones (and a few others), whom I started my tenure at SPHS with. Okay Kelly, here are the pictures:
Midieval Times
-Yes, that is a virgin drink in my hand.-

Sorry if I’ve been a bit out of touch lately. Last week was all-contests, all-day, every day. Then, we left for the trip. Now that I’m back, I’ve been working like crazy to play catch up. Hopefully, I’ll be all caught up by Thursday afternoon and this weekend will be relaxing. I’ve got a few things that are “must do’s” for the weekend but they’re fun (for the most part) so no big deal. YAY for a long weekend!!!

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  1. Okay I know it’s late on the post, but now that I’m at home and I can post (damn office machine still won’t let me post at work,) the pics look great Cath. I see you had a good time…would that be a Ye touch of Medieval Margaritas in those mugs there??? ;o)

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