I love having the day off. I slept until 9 am and the day is beautiful. I’m going to open up my apartment, play some fun music, do some cleaning (that always helps make me relaxed in the end) and enjoy the day.

I’ll probably do some running on the treadmill again (I’ve started trying to get myself back in shape for the marching season early, and I’m playing in a tennis tournament next weekend). I know, I don’t run unless I’m being chased…my knees are horrible. I found a pair of orthodic insoles that have really helped aleviate some of my daily knee pain and take away the pronation I have when I stand or walk. Less knee pain=happier Cathy!!

Tomorrow, I have a meeting in San Marcos in the morning then I’m going dress shopping with my friend Kristina. I’m going to be a chaperone for Prom and we get really dressed up for Banquet so I need a pretty dress. Going with Kristina is becoming a tradition. Love it!

So, AHHH and Happy Easter to ya!
Happy Keaster!