My friend Kristina & I started a tradition last year of going shopping together to get dresses for the annual Band Banquet. We go to Barton Creek Square Mall and have lunch at California Pizza Kitchen while we’re there.

It was quite an interesting day. After saying HI to my sister Trish at the Apple Store, we headed over to JC Penney, which is where we were very successful last year. We both found a handful of dresses and tried them on. When I picked up the dresses I liked, I swear they were all size 10s (a size I certainly do not mind being). Turned out, I had a few dresses that were size 6s (I still have NO idea how that happened). Kristina convinced me to give them a try and who would have thought – THEY FIT!!! Funny thing is, I’ve gained a few pounds lately and haven’t fit in anything smaller than a 10 in years. Funny how women’s clothes are never consistent from one manufacturer to another. So, I narrowed my choices down to 3 dresses and Kristina down to 1 and we headed to the Pizza Kitchen. Bad waiter, yummy food.

Next was a trip into Foley’s (now becoming Macy’s). We really didn’t think we’d find anything there because they normally just have either very expensive dresses or either very young or old style dresses. Neither Kristina nor I feel a need to dress like the high school kids nor like the stereotypical “mother of the bride”. Foley’s had a marvelous sale going on so it was definitely worth doing a bit of searching. After another handful of dresses, we each found THE ONE!!! (We were both wishing it was that easy with finding men….) Here’s mine:
Fun and a bit sexy...

I knew the shoes to go with this dress are already in my closet but Kristina needed a pair to go with hers and since Foley’s always has great shoes and of course, that wonderful sale…so down to the shoe department we went. She found a pair that were just right and I found a great pair to possibly wear to the birthday party!
Sexy Shoes!!!

Now, the next assignment is to find a great outfit to go with the shoes. Any takers on going with me on this trip?

I saved so much on this shopping trip thanks to the discounts they were giving at Foleys! I think the both items came out to either right at or maybe even under $100. YAY for good shopping trips and sales!

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  1. Both the dress and shoes are hot! The shoes may qualify for CFM status, since you certainly can’t walk far in them!

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