Yet again, ARGH!!!

The stress I’ve had in my life lately has caused my body to be uber sensitive to things I’ve never known I was allergic to. The reaction started out as two small rash spots on my chin at the beginning of the week. I was thinking maybe I’d gotten into poison ivy again or something so I was treating it as such. The spots had grown a bit through the week but poison ivy (although not contageous once it starts to develop into a rash) does that. On Friday night, a few more spots had developed then before I knew it, half my face was starting to swell. It was as if the spots were playing connect the dots. We’ve determined that the crazy weather we’ve had lately has hurled a bunch of allergens in the air and my body was absorbing anything it could to give it strength. Unfortunately, when the body does that, it also tends to take in things that aren’t so good for you as well. No Skip, I won’t post a picture of my face here.

I’m going to change some eating habits – clean up what I take in. I’m not going to become a vegan or anything too intense. I’m going to cut out red meats, eggs, dairy products, white sugar and coffee as much as possible. I’m going to add a few supplements (all natural, mostly vitamins) and try to keep up the regular exercise I’ve been doing lately.

So, not only am I looking like a chipmunk right now, I’ve hit a wall with this house. The owner doesn’t want to negotiate AT ALL with the price or any selling terms. The damn house has been on the market since November, I’m willing to take it off his hands in three weeks and because I’m offering lower than he wants (and not something ridiculously low), no go. I’m going to raise my offer to as high as I can go (which is still a little under what he’s asking) and hope for the best. I should have NEVER talked about it yet! (I know this isn’t really the reason I’m having issues on this.)


With the help of rest, lots of water, vitamins, fruits and other healthy foods as well as aloe vera jelly and colloidal silver, the swelling has gone down and the itching has subsided!!! Hopefully, this will all pass by the end of the week.

I forgot to mention that I played in a tennis tournament yesterday and it was a lot of fun. It was a mixed doubles tourney the tennis team put on as a fundraiser. A lot of faculty played and it was quite evident that many faculty spend a lot of time indoors, or at least not on a tennis court. I didn’t stay long enough to see who won but my team was eliminated in the second round. I had a lot of fun but I’m quite sore today….

2 thoughts on “Yet again, ARGH!!!”

  1. Your nerves about the house are messing with your immune system. It’s a good idea to bring in the healthy food and cut out the crap, and exercise is good, too. That will help your body deal with the house stress. But give up on asshole guy because his bad vibes are going to permeate the house and you won’t be happy there.

  2. Don’t worry about the house. From a sellers point of view, I didn’t negotiate too much on the price because I knew the house was worth the asking price. As long as you put some additions and improvements, you’ll always get more for your house should you choose to sell it. It is stressful, but you’re on the right track with changing your routine. BTW, is this your first house?

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