*Sigh* Step 1 of house purchase – DONE.

Okay, I have a house in contract!!! It’s more than I wanted to pay for it but in the long run, the resale value will make up for it and the payments aren’t going to be too much more per month.

The next step is the inspection and appraisal. Hopefully, the inspection will come back okay. I’m not sure what I’m looking for the appraisal to tell me as far as the value on the house. With my parents house, we wanted the appraisal to come back as high as possible…this makes the loan-to-value percentage much smaller; better loan. I don’t think it works that way on a first time buy.

Still being a little supersticious but since you guys are so supportive of my house purchase process, I thought I’d let you know that I once again have a house under contract. Once I’m sure we’re going to go through with it, I’ll post pics and many, many details. Thanks for being patient. 🙂

Oh, and as far as the poison oak thing, the rash has healed quite a bit, with very little weaping. It only itches as the ointment I have starts to wear off and the only real negative thing at this point is my skin (including my lips) is very dry. Thank goodness it didn’t last too long!

5 thoughts on “*Sigh* Step 1 of house purchase – DONE.”

  1. WooWoo! I hope you get it, the “extras” inside the casa sound sw33t!! ;o) Also sorry I didn’t get back to ya last night, I was out working on the yard until almost 9:00 (and it was still 91-degrees!) UGGGG! Get ready for that “fun!” hehehehe =oP

  2. Thanks for all the support guys. The inspection gets done Thursday morning so I’ll know by Friday if it’s a go for sure or if I’m going to need to back out again. I sure hope not.

    Kelly, is the yard work or the 91 degrees at 9pm the “fun” stuff? 😉

  3. I’m crossing my fingers that this is THE house! Works well with your timetable, doesn’t it. Yay!

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