Wait, stop, rewind….

This house thing is driving me crazy. It’s actually not officially under contract after all. The guy is still being a stickler about everything. He’s a CPA for the IRS and apparently, he’s been in seminars from 7 am – 8 pm and unable to get to his office computer to print out, sign and get the contracts back to my people. My realtor Karen & I were thinking that maybe he’s delaying to see if another offer comes around but the seller’s agent assures her that’s not the case. Somehow, I’m feeling a bit of “I’ll believe it when I see it” right now. Hopefully, I’ll get a call any minute because the seller’s agent is supposed to go to where ever this seminar is being held to have the guy sign it in person. Hopefully, this agent will go straight to a Kinko’s and fax it to Karen. Once that’s done, we can have the inspector come out. He was supposed to come today but I’m not paying $300 for an inspection on a home I may not be able to purchase!!

Karen’s such an awesome realtor, by the way. If you’re in the Austin area and you’re looking to purchase a house, I highly recommend having her help you.