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Krez asked me the other day if I’m starting to think about all the ways I want to fix up the new house. I found myself a little surprised to say that no, I haven’t really been just chomping at the bit to do major fix ups. I think the only part of the house I’m remotely even thinking about changes to is the back yard. It’s fairly bare and I think some nice foliage will help make it a bit nicer as well as help create a bit more privacy than a fence can give.

Honestly, after living in this apartment for three years, I’m just ready to move into a bigger space. I was standing in my kitchen after I posted the pics of the house thinking, “No wonder I so rarely cook!”. I love to cook but when you live in a kitchen with only two “tall” upper cabinets, one lower cabinet (other than under the sink) and a few drawers, the layout can’t create for much counter space. Cooking without counter space is REALLY hard. I have survived and cooked for myself and others along the way in there and I’m just glad it’s not any smaller!

I’m excited about closing and getting keys but it doesn’t feel real yet. The seller is still being a bit of an ass and I’ll be glad to get rid of his bullshit. I can’t believe he’s a parent. I hope he’s not the same way to his kids the way he is to strangers! Then again, he is a CPA for the IRS so there’s only so much nice a person like that can be. I just can’t get into packing things up. I guess I’m just so busy with work stuff that any time at home just feels luxurious and I don’t want to scurry around the apartment being more busy.

Only 14 more school days until the end of school. Only 9 more days until closing. Only 14 more calendar days until my birthday. Wow.

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  1. Let me know if you need a break! we can go paint ceramics or eat sushi or something.

  2. Take everything in stride…you’ll have the house for years, plenty of time to have all the design fun you want with it…And that’s the best part!! =o)

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