Do we always have to have a title?

Goodness, I need to update, don’t I? It’s unlike me to go so many days without writing something.

It’s been a good week. I spent Monday & Tuesday at the Band Hall, taking care of little things that will help next year start smoothly. There are actually a lot of little things to do and I’m a little behind but it’ll all get done when I go back to work next week.

On Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, I spent at Connally High School working with the YEA!/The Cadets Summer Leadership Series camp. I’m not actually on staff but maybe next year, as they expand the number of camps they run, I might be. It was an interview of sorts. Their curriculum is some of the best I’ve seen; and I’ve seen lots of leadership curriculum being taught. The staff consists of people who have either marched or worked with The Cadets and as much as you may dislike George Hopkins, he has an awesome crew running The Cadets. I think I’m going to find a way to either send our leadership or have them do a camp at our school next year.

I was supposed to go to S. Padre Island this weekend with The Millers but I decided that some of my friends really need “girl time” and with this being a “long” holiday weekend, it would be a great time to do just that. Saturday, Cathy & I spent the day trying to get some sun (we played in the pool at her mom & dad’s but got very little sun) and just kickin’ back, not worrying about work. Aside from the fact the sun stayed behind clouds most of the day, it was great! Yesterday, we went to see The Lake House and she did some family stuff since it was her brother’s birthday. I had dinner with my friend Stephanie, who is a banking lawyer so any time to hang out is treasured. I’ve known Steph since we were in high school and we just don’t get enough time together. We’re definitely going to try to get some more girl’s nights in coming up. She, Cathy and I had one early this year and we had so much fun; then got so damn busy we rarely saw each other. That nonsense has got to stop. 😉

Today, Cathy & Steph must work (corporate life must suck like that) but I think we’re going to get together for dinner. If the weather cooperates, I think I’m going to grill but if not, I have a great grill pan I got during my days schlepping Pampered Chef so I’ll just grill indoors. Tomorrow is National America Day. (Is that redundant?) We’ll probably get together and hope for sun, maybe shop a little (still looking for a chair for the living room) and go to watch fireworks somewhere.

It may not be the beach (I was really looking forward to going) but it’s been a perfect weekend so far.

Oh, before I sign off, I must review The Lake House. Without a doubt, it was a “chick flick”. The plot outline from IMDB says:

A lonely doctor (Bullock) who once occupied an unusual lakeside home begins exchanging love letters with its newest resident, a frustrated architect (Reeves). They must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it’s too late.

The film is done fairly well and if you’ve seen any commercials for the movie, you’ll know that the two residents are living two years apart. There are parts where they’re writing each other but it’s put in dialog form and I found that a bit annoying (they don’t even have paper near them). I can see that they did it to keep the format from seeming repetative but I think it came across a bit lame. Aside from that, a cute chick flick that made me cry a bit at the end. The scenery is beautiful, too. I’m going to give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

After The Fourth, I have the rest of the week off but I think I’m going to clean house and get the cats bathed. No, I’m not doing it myself. They’ve got a major dander problem right now and I think it’s making me break out. I think it’s because of the mild winter we had. Should be an intersting process. I’ll try to get pictures!

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