DCI Results

I really didn’t think early on The Cadets would land that low but watching the season, none of these results surprise me:

Place Corps Score
1 The Cavaliers 97.200
2 Phantom Regiment 96.850
3 Blue Devils 96.550
4 Bluecoats 93.175
5 The Cadets 93.075
6 Santa Clara Vanguard 92.350
7 Blue Knights 90.125
8 Carolina Crown 89.975
9 Madison Scouts 87.700
10 Boston Crusaders 87.325
11 Glassmen 86.000
12 Spirit from JSU 84.825

Traci Finch (an SPHS alum) won Best Drum Major for Division III!!! I wanted to link the article from DCI.org but their servers are a smidge busy right now with everyone looking at results.

No, I got it. Here’s that link to Traci’s story!!


Here’s the login link.
(I love copy/paste.)