Labor Day Weekend!

Last year, I remember writing that I was bored, bored, bored over Labor Day weekend. This year is an absolutely different story. I haven’t had enough time to do what all I wanted to do but everything I did was fun and relaxing! No, no one drew a bath for me or rubbed my back but good none the less. The toilet didn’t clog back up again, either!

On Saturday, I slept in and did some stuff around the house first. Then, I headed down to meet Daniel to take in some Bobcat excitement. The drive down IH35 was stupid backed up…but only southbound. Go figure! Fourty minutes later, I was at his house and we headed to San Marcos. I sure miss that town but it’s really nice just to visit. Once we finally parked and got to the stadium, we were surprised to see there was a line at the ticket booth. Was that a Bobcat first??? I guess so, considering how many people were at the game.

The game played pretty well but considering it was Tarelton State, I really think the lead should have been taken early in the game and we should have never let them get ahead. I was really afraid the old Bobcat Football team was back on the field again! A few years ago, the band got new uniforms and I thought all the pieces that I worked with when I was in school but I was looking around and noticed something still there – the hat boxes! I know, it is silly but if you look at this hat box, it says L-52 on it. That’s my handwriting!! That first year I was uniform coordinator and we had new uniforms, I spent a lot of time labelling each and every hat box so passing out hats would be just as easy as uniforms. I’m glad to know that 10 years later, the numbers are still nice and clear and the boxes are still being used!

It was nice hanging with Daniel. We saw some other old friends and chatted with them a bit but he and I really got to chat and catch up (the game got kinda boring for a while there). We even took a few pictures together for my MySpace page. I mean, I have one with Martin for goodness sakes! Bobcats were down in the 3rd but came back in the 4th and won it 27-23. Very cool way to start the season. I have to put their football schedule in my calendar so I can make as many home games as possible again this season. Last year was too fun! Since Skip is away at school this year, maybe Daniel will be my football game buddy *hint, hint*….

From there, we headed back to his house to get my car then on to Threadgills to see Mingo Fishtrap and help Nhu celebrate her birthday. Always a great band to see! There were LOTS of people there we knew so we ended up socializing a lot, well, I know I did. It was funny because Jack Green (Westwood HS head director) and Travis Ancelet (McNeil HS head director) were both there…but not together. We were just missing a representative from Round Rock HS to have a full RRISD HS Band gathering! We danced and drank and had a great time and I think I found a private lesson teacher or two for Stony Point as well!!

On Sunday, I slept in again and did a few more things around the house before I set out for the 311 concert at the Backyard. I stopped at my mom & dad’s and chatting with my dad for a while then headed to pick up Nhu for the concert. The weather was looking a bit dark and the forcast called for rain but we prayed for the best. We got there, parked in the new mall that’s out there (YEAH for free parking!!) and headed in. We had to go back to the car because there were no cameras allowed (a blessing in disguise) so we took some pics before the show:



Oops, forgot to unzoom!

Oh, that’s better!

So, I said leaving my camera in the car was a blessing in disguise…I should have left my phone as I had kinda felt…because shortly after Pepper played, the skies opened and it POURED!!! At first, we were under the deck, trying to stay dry. No luck. The water – and it was dirty – was coming down in between the slats of the deck so we decided to just hit the rain and deal with it. We found Kris, Kyle, Bootsy, and Tommy and hung out with them. Then, we saw Brannon ‘Cadet’ Baker and Matt ‘UT’ Gibson and some others so we all joined up with them. Before we knew it, the rain let up and The Wailers hit the stage. Damn, they were great! You’d have thought Bob Marley himself was on stage. I could have listened to them all night. Of all the songs they didn’t play, I was disappointed that they didn’t play “Three Little Birds” because that’s my all time favorite Bob Marley tune. It did start to rain again as they were finishing up and I was afraid it would rain so hard and so long they would cancel the rest of the concert. Low and behold, it didn’t and 311 was on stage before we knew it. By that time, I had moved to the first platform/patio area in the back because people were moving closer to the stage and I was feeling my clausterphobia set in.

It was a great concert but their set just FLEW by. I think they only played like 15 songs and 2 or 3 encore songs. I was a little disappointed at that but what they did play was GREAT! Still worth the money. By the time it was all done, I was cold and tired and so was Nhu. I took her home and we talked about going out after but I had to go home first…my jeans hadn’t dried yet from the rain. By the time I got home, I was SO cold so I took a shower and all I wanted to do was curl up in my warm bed…so I did!

Today, I did several loads of laundry, ran some errands and now, I’m heading over to Brian & Kelly’s house for some steaks. I really need to go up to school and enter grades and a few other things but I’m running out of time. I might drop by school and pick up the graded papers since I can do all that from home now. I don’t know why I didn’t think about that on Friday. OH, I guess because I was so ready to go home on Friday, I didn’t want to think about ANYTHING. I guess they called it Friday because you’re FRIED by that point in the week!

Great weekend…I’m ready for next week! A short week and a football game on Friday. Next Saturday is the annual neighborhood yard sale so Brian & Kelly are bringing stuff over and I’ll be putting out the bits and pieces I have to sell. Should be interesting!

6 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend!”

  1. 1 – that Daniel guy is so hot right now!

    2 – football buddy, eh?

    3 – Three Little Birds… ah, steel band. How I miss thee…

    4 – Thanks for the fun Saturday. Was exactly what the Dr. ordered!!

  2. I’m confused. Daniel J. Montoya, Jr. lives in San Antonio. Are you telling us that you drove to SA, left your car, rode with DJMJ to San Marcos, rode BACK to SA, then drove to Austin to Threadgills?

    We sure were thinking of you guys at the 311 concert while it was pouring. Sami had lots of drumline buddies who went, too, and she was almost jealous, except that it RAINED!!

  3. Drinks sound great. Tomorrow eve is DCI Finals, Wednesday is my first Creative Arts Society meeting, but Thurs. and Fri are free anytime.

  4. Tomorrow at Regan HS. I’m not sure what time kickoff is…we leave the school at 6pm, knowing we’re going to be late.

    I’m not sure about a band pass but I’m sure if you come, I could work something out…. Call me during the day if you see this before oh…2:30 pm. 🙂

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