So cool!!

Lovin’ the weather. It won’t get above 75 degrees today, I don’t think! THANK GOODNESS FOR YESTERDAY’S RAIN!!!

I chatted with Evan Morgan for a long time today. It was GREAT to chat realtime with him. He’s overseas, outside Kabul, Afghanistan, stationed with the US Army (despite his being Air Force) training the Afghan National Army do to the things he does in his job with the USAF. He says it’s been pretty peaceful there, except one recent incident…but no one was killed. If you know Evan, I’m sure he’d appreciate any and all communication he can get during the “down time” he gets. He’s 9 1/2 hours ahead of us time wise and he gets a bit of down time each evening. Let me know and I’ll be more than happy to send you his email address.

Other than that, I’m just cleaning around the house and doing laundry today. My dad’s coming over to help install a water filtration system in my kitchen. I love doing projects like that with my dad. 😀 Regular Sunday dinner club tonight. *YUMMY*

4 thoughts on “So cool!!”

  1. The cooler weather is so nice. Time to break out all of the comfort food recipes! Glad you’re getting the filter system. Save ya from breaking your back with the bottled water. Enjoy the weather and get some relaxation time in there too!!!

  2. I think the rain could have waited another half hour so the game wasn’t delayed. The lightening show last night, however, was amazing!

    I’m not ready for cooler weather yet. I don’t think my jeans fit! Too much “comfort food” lately.

  3. Dinner club had to be put on hold ’cause the plumbing with my dad took longer than “expected” so, I plan on some crock-pot chicken cooking tonight! Yummy!!!

    Hush, Danny. No bragging allowed from you since you won’t be here next weekend! *Humph*

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