Will I ever get used to this?

Well, it’s finally caught up to me. The last few weeks have been go, go, go and my body finally screamed, “STOP”. I knew this was inevideble but I was hoping it would happen next week, over Thanksgiving holidays. Now, I’m having to postpone jazz auditions at school but that’s probably better for the kids. It’ll give them more time to practice. So, I’m home today, catching up on sleep, trying to keep a fever down.

Dang, it’s really windy outside. I was going to open the windows but I think that would let too much dust in. I could imagine that wouldn’t be good for my allergies.

I’m sure I’ll be doing plenty of napping again today. I did a lot of that yesterday and it really helped. Will I ever figure out a way to balance all this?

3 thoughts on “Will I ever get used to this?”

  1. You burn bright, but sometimes ya need to change the bulb. Get that fleece cover and nap the day away. Recharge while you can. We all appreciate the energy you give!!

  2. Things won’t change because it is the momentum of marching season, then concert season, that keeps you jazzed about your job. Take your vitamins, get regular massages and hugs! Love, Connie

  3. Next time you know you’ll be flying during a stressful time in your life, you might use some Airborne. It boosts your immune system so that the germs that people bring on a plane, and are recirculated into the air you breathe, don’t end up making you sick 4 days later.

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