It’s pretty much official, I’m on vacation! Actually, today will be day 2 of it. I’m so glad to have a few days of rest and opportunities to catch up around the house. I do have a few times I’ll have to go up to work but hopefully, they’ll either be short and easy or fun or fulfilling. It’s been quite a busy and full fall semester and I know that the spring won’t be much different so I plan on making the most of this time off.

Yesterday, Naomi walked the stage at St. Edward’s University with her Masters Degree and we are all so proud of her. Also, Stacy just graduated from Texas Tech Nursing School but unfortunately, since they only have the graduation ceremonies in May and she’ll be 7 months pregnant by that point, we’ll have to throw her a graduation ceremony/baby shower locally so she can waddle for us. 😉 Here’s our Grey’s Girls at graduation:

From left to right, we have Sarah, Monica, Naomi, Stacy and me. Most everyone is sticking around these next few weeks so I’m sure that aside from our regular Thursday night gatherings, there will be a few other fun days on various outings and gatherings as well.

These next few weeks off will definitely fly by so I’m going to try to make the best of it. If you’re in Austin and want to hang out, give me a buzz. I’ll be doing a lot of cooking, hopefully, so come over and I’ll cook for ya!

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