Wednesday’s Presidential News Conference

I’m laying lazily in bed, watching the Today Show, thinking I should probably get up and get the day started when, instead of Regis and Kelly coming on at 9am, the President decided to have a news conference. I’m thinking it’s going to be a simple state of the war (we’re not winning…but not losing, either) kinda thing and a few questions that he’ll stumble through. NO…30 minutes later, he’s STILL TALKING and I don’t know if I listened really any of what he’s said. So, I tune in and realize that HE may not have even been listening to any of what he’s said. LOL. Then, the questions come. He insults some reporter and is still stumbling to make any sense of anything. *sigh* I go jump in the shower and when I’m done (granted, I’m not necessarily the longest shower taker), HE’S STILL TALKING!!! I had to change the channel. Finally, an hour later, I pop back over and see a commercial but I flip to another station to find that their news team is analyzing what all he’s said. I’m thinking that shouldn’t take too long.

Hence why I hate politics and it’s a wonder I vote. The modern American government is certainly not what our forefathers envisioned….

If he would have just commented on the Miss USA scandal, it might have been interesting! (NOT)