All caught up!

My car is all caught up on being legal. I got my inspection done (it was 6 months out of date…oops!), new registration tags and even new plates. It was time for new plates so I figured while I was getting new ones, I’d get plates that support arts in Texas. I pay $30 extra a year and $22 goes towards arts education and promotion in our state. So essentially, somehow, the money comes back to what I do. I’m kind of bummed that I had to take my Southwest Texas State University Alumni plate frame off because it covers the State of the Arts slogan but since those plate frame are technically illegal (it also covers the word Texas), I guess I’m better off for it.

The other thing I did recently is get my TxTag. I live just off the new toll roads (both 45 and 130) so although I may not use them daily, I’ll definitely jump on one or another periodically. What I’m loving is that through January, tolls are free to TxTag holders and 1/2 price in February!! Once February passes, the prices will be 10% off cash rates for all TxTag holders at any tollway in Texas. Like I said before, I’m not planning on using them daily so I think my initial $20 will last for quite sometime. If you live in the Austin area and want your TxTag, I think it’s still free before the New Year. After that, you’ll have to pay an initial $10 (give or take) to get your tag.

I guess that’s it for promoting Texas stuff. The only other thing I need to do is join the Blanton museum.