Trail of Lights Trip

Since the start of Season 3, a group of great girls and I have gotten together every Thursday to eat, drink and drool over McDreamy and McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy. Even during a refun, we’d still get together and gab it up or just watch a movie. This past Thursday, we got together to go see the Trail of Lights at Zilker park. We even let guys come with us! Unfortunately, we were missing Stacy and we’ll have to do this again next year with what will be her new baby! It was hours of lights, fun and “Where are Sarah and Steve??”… Afterwards, we went to Opal Devine’s for some good food and even more laughter (Conjoined girl twins having sex…)
Here are some pics of the Trail:

Waiting in line for the bus:

Unicorns on a bus!!:

Where the Wild Things Are:


Here’s Nemo:

Musical Armadillos:

Hey, Diddle Diddle:

Drunk Penguins – I dont’ know if their feet are happy but their stomachs seem to be:

Keepin’ warm by the Yule Log:

Seeing stars:

Spinning under the big tree:

There was also a very cool display that syncronized music with lights. It’s hard to hear the music on this little video but it’s “Linus and Lucy” from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

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  1. Awwww, I miss the Trail of Lights I went to that every year with my family remember walking around the Yule Log and checking all the wonderful sights out {*memories*} And I would spin for as long as I could under the huge Christmas tree at Zilker, until I would collapse in a dizzy stupor! LOL, Great times. Thanks for sharing the photos Cath, I definitely need to make it back up there for that…I had almost forgotten how much fun that was. =o/

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