The New Bed

The other day, Cathy & I (no, I don’t have an identity crisis) went to IKEA so I could get the bed & chair I’ve been wanting. The chair was out of stock but the bed was there so I got it! Today, I got a chance to put it together and man, it took some time. There was 13 simple steps and then 3 more than took longer than the first 13!! My fingers hurt because instead of making the screws all screwable with a normal screwdriver (or powered screwdriver), they include this allen wrench looking tool that’s short so you don’t get much leverage so my fingers are now very tender. Anywho, here’s the process in pictures:

Stanley supervises my getting started.

Halfway done!

Here comes the part that really takes forever and hurts my fingers.

Sticking out my tongue made it a little better…

Now, to get the matress on and the bed made. Stanley still supervises.

Ah, all done!

You know, they should really include in the instructions that if the assembler has a power drill and bits, it would help because there are several “self-tapping” screws that be SO much easier to put in when a tap hole is drilled first…. Other than that, it was very satisfying!

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