New Years!!!

New Years was a really fun night. I had some folks over, prepped a yummy spread of food and there is quite a bit of beer and champagne now left over. 😀 I didn’t get pics of everyone hanging out but there are a few in the gallery. About 25 people came and went and at midnight, there were about 15 of us here for the toast. Thanks to Tamitha & Jimmy for bringing over the champagne and to Sam & Monica for bringing over all the beer. If you’ve never had Naomi’s cookies, you need to go to a party where she’s been asked to bake.

4 thoughts on “New Years!!!”

  1. Oh man! If I’d known there was going to be so much good food, I might have been able to pry myself out of my comfy couch! Sorry to be such a party pooper, but I needed a quet holiday this year. I promise to be a party girl soon! Glad you had a marvelous time and Happy New Year!!

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