So, I’ve put a bunch of pictures on my computer, cleaned up the color in Photoshop and was all ready to upload the first batch in my gallery when I find that there is something funky with my Gallery and it won’t let me upload anything!!! Gives me an error message. I guess I could try to upgrade Gallery, seeing if that helps to fix the situation, but I can’t find documentation that’s not techno-babble to help me upgrade. Why can’t people give technical information in English???? Anywho, if you have knowledge of Gallery and can help me with this, please email me or leave me a comment here. I think something got screwed up in fixing that “virus” message thing a few weeks ago. Maybe I can call ol’ Mark at and see if he can help me…. *sigh*

I’ll upload the pics to my web folder and try to blog that way at some point this week, or maybe this weekend, or maybe next month. 😉