The Big Trip, pt. 4

We finished our last day in Chicago by hitting the Magnificent Mile and having dinner at the famous Gino’s Pizza. We had quite a bit of time to wander the Magnificent Mile; some people chose to go see a movie (not sure why since you can do that at home) but Kristina & I decided to walk off all the food we’d eaten by walking the Mile and checking out places we don’t have access to at home.

As with any big city, there sure are LOTS of taxi’s!

We (the adults) started out by eating at Jake Melnick’s.

I had a garbage salad…it was YUMMY!!

Matt enjoyed the time away from the kids with a drink!

It was only a root beer, though. 😦

Fred is so goofy, but a die-hard Longhorn fan! Gotta love him…

After lunch, most everyone headed to the movie but Kristina & I headed to walk the Mile. Lots of designer shops; some we have back home, some we don’t.

The Water Tower.

There were several malls on the Magnificent Mile as well. Inside the Water Tower Center, there was a very cool fountain going up the first set of escalators. Each of those spigots shot up dallops of water in various patterns. It was really neat to watch!

Another sight of a large city is window washers on the high rises. Not a job I’d jump at doing!

Also, look at the cement truck way in the back of the picture. It’s pig pink!

Here’s every woman’s dream store – The Hershey’s Store!!

I love these vintage signs.

This building used to be FAO Schwartz but once they went out of business, someone made it into a mall.

An Apple Store!

When we first got off the bus, we saw the back of the Lawry’s Steakhouse and thought we might want to eat there. It can’t be that expensive…their seasoning is only 85 cents at HEB. Later, we walked by the enterance and I think I’m glad we didn’t eat there. Seems kinda swanky!

I love the architecture in downtown Chicago.

I call this “Old and New”

Metal Horse

How many of my house can I buy for the cost of one of these condos?

From inside the Apple Store. Look at the Apples in the reflection of the ceiling window.


Jammin’ on the street.

So, that was my time on the Magnificent Mile. I actually have enough pics for one more update…but it’s from Indianapolis. I’ll post that one, eventually. 🙂

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