My latest trip to the Home Depot

On Monday night, I went to my local Home Depot for a workshop entitled: “Building Relaxation:Creating Backyard Retreats”. I learned a few good things and I think I’m going to make a water feature for my backyard sometime this summer. They had some other neat products and projects there and some suggested projects that were pre-made. I’ve gotten some new landscaping books recently they’ve inspired me to build a few things this summer for my yard. At the end of the evening, they had a drawing to give away a few books as well as the pre-made projects and guess what, I won one! It’s a neat cedar storage bench with a place for a potted plant. They had a nice palm displayed in the plant section of the bench and what do you know, they gave me that, too!! A great start to my backyard plans. So, if you have some time and want to help me build some stuff this summer (I’m borrowing my dad’s power & pneumatic tools), give me a hollar. It should be a lot of fun!

Here’s a picture of my new bench. I took it late last night so it’s not too clear but you can make it out.

One thought on “My latest trip to the Home Depot”

  1. I won a hammer, a bigass measuring tape and a cool truck tool chest when Frank and I went to a deck building seminar. We never built the deck, but the goodies were nice!

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