Dogs, cats, dressers and boxes.

A lot has been going on lately. Thank goodness it’s summer and I’m a teacher and no year around school. First, my friend Ken has moved back from D.C. (YAY!!) and has been living with me since I got done with Tx State Band Camp a few weeks ago. Wow, it’s actually almost been a month now. Anywho, he and his beautiful chocolate labs have helped fill my home and my time since I have had some off.

The last few summers, the Stony Point Band Staff has worked very hard in establishing some well needed order and clear procedures and thank goodness for that. Now that we have some order and procedures set up, we can take some well deserved time off to do other things and (God forbid) have a life of our own. I was thinking about trying to take a vacation this summer but decided to work on fixing up my house so it really feels like a home.

In my 34 years of life, I have moved just under 20 times (18, actually, if I’m not mistaken) so a lot of stuff has lived in boxes for some time. My college furniture has also taken a beating and being a big girl, I’ve been ready for some “real” furniture. Earlier this year, I bought a bed and now, I’ve bought a dresser as well. Being as it is also from IKEA (their stuff just suits my life, I guess), I had to assemble it. Ken and the dogs helped. 🙂

How many bits and pieces does this thing have?

Tonka wants to count them all. Maybe eat few, too.

Parts get sorted, instructions get “read” (there are very few words in an IKEA instruction manual).

One side on.

Middle in.

Tonka supervises.

This takes the utmost in concentration, you know.

We’re almost there!

Drawers are done, too.

It’s all done and in place. Tonka, you did a great job!!

I’ve also built those garden boxes I talked about a few posts ago. We actually built one box before we started taking pictures. That was a good thing because we actually had to abandon the project for a few days mid-first box thanks to all the rain. If you notice, we used the first box as a platform for the second box pieces to be elevated on as we built it. Boy, did that makes things a whole lot easier.

So, we get the work station all setup. Notice how some of the tools are in the sun? Bad idea.

First thing we did was get all the corner posts connected to the 4 ft. pieces.

Once we get that done, we get our 5 ft. pieces connected to the 4 ft. pieces. The final piece is so much easier to put on if you stand the box up on end and drill down. I was a little too short to get any leverage on the drill so my friend Ken did that part.

Boxes all done! Now, it’s play time for the cats & dogs!

Stanley’s going to stay away from the dogs. He’s not a fan of them, yet.

Ken’s an awesome helper.

My friend Ken, that you see in these pictures, is staying with me until he gets himself set up in San Marcos. We’ve been friends since our freshman year in college and he moved to DC several years ago. We got together almost every year for the BOA/State Marching Band contest extravaganza weekend and before he moved away, we used to go to a bunch of winterguard shows together. Now that he’s back, I’m sure I’ll be back to making the rounds to the winterguard shows. I’m excited that he’s back! So, he and his beautiful dogs will be staying with me and my cats until the first of September. It’s been great having such a full house and a helper with chores. I’m hoping the cats will learn from his example and start helping me around the house some. 😉

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