Almost the end of summer

This has been a very relaxing, yet productive summer. It’s almost time for me to get back to work full time and I think I’m alright with that after this great summer I’ve had. Ken being here all summer has been great, too. Having someone around to help with daily chores is so relaxing!

I have my garden boxes built but because of the rain, I didn’t get a chance to set up the soil and start any gardening. But I think I’m okay with that because the summer isn’t the planting season. But, if I had to build the boxes I wanted and do the gardening all during the spring, I’d never get it done. Also, this lets me spread out the cost of putting together this size of garden (I built two 4×5 foot boxes) will be fairly expensive. When it comes time, I’ll plant both seeds and seedlings. They will both be filled with edible plants.

Moving from the organic to the techincal, my iPhone is wonderful! There have been a few reports about things not going well for people but none of them have affected my phone. My favorite question so far from people has got to be, “Is it true that the battery is useless after 300 charges?”. And just so you know, no. It’s been reported that after 400 full charges from a battery that has been completely drained, the life of the battery is lowered to 80%. Tell me what re-chargeable device isn’t affected that way after 400 dead to full charges. *sigh* The only problem I’ve had would be keeping my contact list straight since I’m syncing it from two different places. When you sync from both Yahoo! Contacts and Plaxo, it tends to create duplicates in the Address Book software on my iBook. But I think I’ve got that straightened out.

I loaded everything back into my office at work on Monday. I’ve finally put certificates, etc. on my walls and realized how cool an office can actually look! LOL. I’m not quite done with putting all the papers in their places and I need a few picture frames but I’m back to a regular work schedule now.

So, Texas Bandmasters Association Convention this weekend. DCI San Antonio on Saturday, too. Seems like most of Saturday will be at the Alamodome ’cause there are so many corps I want to see this year. Good thing that there are only 2 clinics that I want to really go to I’ll miss during that time. Heck, those two are scheduled at the same time so I’d miss one of them anyways!

Speaking of drum corps, there is no telling who is going to win at this year’s World Championships in Pasadena, CA. Any of the top 3 corps right now could take it and any of the next 2 or 3 corps could push up to 3rd place. It’s a great season for drum corps and I can’t wait to see the shows on Saturday!!

Okay, I really should get up to work so I’m going to sign off. Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

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