I’m still alive…

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to blog about, it’s just that I really haven’t had any time. This school year has really been different, mostly for the good, with some new changes in so many facets. I can’t believe our first competition is only 3 weeks away already! But the show is coming along nicely and the kids are working really hard. They have to…the show is HARD but it’s gonna be awesome when we finally get it all down. Thanks to George Hester for his creativity!! If you want to see the drill charts in action, you can go to our page of his website and watch the videos.

I’ve also made a point this year to not let work overwhelm my life. I find time to go out with my friends once or twice a week. We still do the weekly girls night on Thursday, and I go when we don’t have a band thing on Thursday night. It was a little hard during summer band but now that school has started and we have morning rehearsals and our one Thursday game has passed, I’m gonna be back to getting together with those wonderful women. If you’re connected to me via MySpace, you’ve seen pictures of my adventures with my friend Crystal so no more really needs to be said about that.

My friend Ken is still living with me, but only for a few more weeks. He has been so helpful by trying to help out with chores so that my stress level and task list on my one free day is low, it’s awesome. And I’m glad that he’s going to live close by until the next school year. Once he starts back to school and moves to San Marcos, I’m afraid that our time to hang out will diminish to almost nothing again. We can have lots of fun together!

I went to the Tx State/Baylor game yesterday in Waco. I took part in the Alumni BBQ reception they had and won a cool t-shirt. There were about 150 people there but no one I knew (I don’t think band folks are too interested in Alumni House stuff) so I made some new friends. The Bobcats played fairly well and they had a good chance of winning but didn’t. I think the only reason they had a chance of winning is because The Bears made as many stupid plays and mistakes as we did, too! LOL 😆 I also found out that Baylor’s star quarterback from the 2004-05 & 2005-06 season works with me as a football coach at Stony Point. He had to keep stopping our conversation when I bumped into him at the game to shake hands and say hello to random people. How cool is that?? 😎

And to answer the most common question asked me lately: No, I’m not upset the iPhone has gone down in price already and sure, I’m pleasantly surprised they’re giving me a $100 store credit. It’s technology, prices are going to plummet. It’s a corporation – I’m surprised that they actually care about the customers who have already given them their money. Ya know?

Well, I’ve got a good little list of tihngs to do today so I’m going to sign off. Hope your weekend was what you needed! Love you, mean it!


Oddest/coolest/funniest experience at the Baylor game – they said an invocation at the start of the game and at the end, he said “Amen”. Then, the ENTIRE stadium said “Amen” as well. It was not what I expected at a college football game. Those silly Baptists!!! LOL

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