The latest adventures

Jokes, requests, random things…that’s what I’ve been blogging about lately. I’m thinking I really want to blog about other things but I just can’t pinpoint what I want to blog about. I feel almost like I should blog, since I hunt for updates from my friends. It’s not to the point that I’m feeling guilty…don’t get me wrong.

I’m still quite busy with school but my weekends have been quite fun-filled. My friend Crystal and I (and others) head downtown about once a week. The tricks and trades learned with the 22 Penny Crew keep it affordable. 😉 Thanks to Noel & Marvin (in the picture with me) who bartend at Mooseknuckle as well as others down there who hook it up!!

Pretty much every weekend, we find at least one person who gets added to my “Fashion Don’ts” album in my MySpace album. I’d like to take a moment and focus on my favorite – let’s call her Jungle Butt (thanks, Mon).

Almost every time we go to Fuel, she shows up wearing something like this. I think she was there last Saturday but she wasn’t wearing the usual t-dress and I saw her from behind so I’m not sure if it was her or not. She did have the bra showing but as we’ve seen in other pics, others feel that the bra is a fashion accessory. I have no idea where this idea came from. For more, you have to check out that photo album.

Well, Grey’s Anatomy is about to start and the girls are all here now so I’m going to sign off.

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  1. We missed you last night at the art show, but I’m glad you took my advice and gave yourself time with friends. See how it energizes you?

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