Sundays in October

I love Sundays in October. If you don’t know already, October is the craziest fall month for me because that’s when the rubber meets the road for a band director. This month is full of contests, mostly marching. In order to be sure that the kids are successful at contests, we try to practice as often as we can (within the 8 hour rule, of course). On top of all that, we have football games, homecoming, a report card (which could knock kids out of participating all together) at least one holiday or staff development day and I think something else major but it’s just not coming to mind right now. So, needless to say that the month of October is crazy for anyone involved with high school band.

Ah, but Sundays are spectacular for me. I’m single and have no kids of my own so Sundays are my day to myself. I stay in my PJs for a good chunk of the day and catch up on TV shows I’ve missed all week. I start the day with a nice breakfast and actually have 3 square meals on a Sunday. I try to make sure I do a few chores so they don’t pile up but I don’t obsess about getting everything done on a Sunday anymore. The kitchen floor can be mopped again in November, you know what I mean? It’s really about regaining my sanity and reminding my cats that they I really do run this house. LOL

So, I guess I’ll go do a load of laundry now because that is the one constant to Sundays at my house or the rest of the week doesn’t work quite right. Hope you enjoy this glorious Sunday as well!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my friend Daniel Montoya, Jr.. It was kinda weird but kinda cool announcing his name as the composer of a show that performed at our contest yesterday! 😉 Speaking of birthdays, it’s Frank Miller’s birthday as well. Wow, what a wonderful addition to an already fabulous day!!

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