Lots of Randomness

Things have been a lot of fun lately. My friend Crystal and I have celebrated Halloween to it’s fullest by going down to 6th Street on Halloween night. The crowd moved pretty quickly and we were looking for some friends so we really didn’t get too many pictures of the crazy but we had a lot of fun. You had all your typical slutty costumes as well as men dressed as women. We saw quite a few people dressed up as Jehovah’s Witnesses, minus the bicycles. That was pretty funny and a little ironic on 6th street. One of the doormen at Shakespeare’s was dressed in a speedo and swim goggles; we thought that was pretty brave. Another brave soul was our friend Ryan who dressed up like Tom Cruise again. I think he ended up hurting his feet being in just socks all night. I decided to dress up like Doctor Meredith Grey again (from last year) so I could wear tennis shoes. We ended up in The Blind Pig, where we know Ben, the owner. Because a majority of The Blind Pig is outside and on the roof, they don’t serve bottled drinks. Crystal is collecting can tabs for her friend so we started asking everyone for their tabs. We ended up with 151 tabs and some dude gave us a $20 to help out. But don’t ask what she’s collecting them for because it’s not nearly as charitable as the Ronald McDonald House.

The SPHS Tiger Football team is District 14-5A football CHAMPS!!! The game against Georgetown HS was so good, I actually watched the whole thing. The stadium they’ve been playing at for years is an old community stadium with no track and it’s HORRIBLE to watch the game from but luckily, because of the lack of the track and the shortness of the stands, our 10 foot drum major podium was besides the stands, just waiting for halftime. The band directors decided to sit up there to watch the game. Let me tell you about GREAT SEATS! The entire 1st half kept going back and forth in points but in the end, we beat G-Town 48-38 to secure the title. To go from no winning seasons to being District Champs is wild. On a college football Saturday, our win took front page of the Austin American Statesman Sports Section, too!!!

And speaking of college football, how about that Longhorn game? I was over at Crystal’s because a bunch of people were watching it in Man World (they’ve converted their 2nd garage into a sports bar type thing) and we ended up leaving to go shopping since the Horns looked like they didn’t have a chance anymore. When we got back, we heard that they won the game and we missed quite an exciting ending.

Today is catch up on life day. I’ve gotta pay bills, clean many rooms of my house and do some laundry. I’d like to make it down to Whole Foods to see my mom…I haven’t seen my family in over 2 months! It makes me very sad, too. Luckily, I talk to them quite often so we all know what’s up in our lives.

I have got to figure out how I can go to Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic this year. I got the listing of clinics & concerts that will be happening and that, combined with the connections I can start making for going to grad school in a few years…I’ve gotta go! It’s about budgeting my money so I can afford a flight. Once there, I think my friend Amy was talking about letting me stay with them to make the room split 4 ways. That should help make things affordable. Unfortunately, because our Band Boosters pay for my going to TMEA & TBA each year, I really can’t ask for money for Midwest. If it’s meant to be, things’ll fall into place as I try to plan this out. 😀

Okay, lots to do today. Love you, mean it!

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  1. Why not ask the Boosters anyway? You’re not out anything if they say “no”. Who knows, the feeling of being winners in football may just spread to other programs and they’ll *want* to send you.

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