My 101

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but in my links list on the left here, is a new one called “Benford’s 101”. I’ve decided to set 101 goals for myself to finish in 1001 days. Now, when is that end? Not sure ’cause I started working on this list when I figured it wouldn’t take this long to put together 101 goals! LOL So, 1001 days is the next 2 years plus 270 days. Although I’ve already crossed off a few things from the list, I’ll keep working on this list for almost the next 3 years.

Where did I get the idea from? Monica. If you look on that same link list on the left there, you’ll see a link to Monica’s 101 in 1001. She’s doing well…even blogging about her accomplishments!

So, what are these goals? Some are short term goals, some are on going. As I cross more goals off, I’ll try to blog about them; maybe even include a picture or two!