Ticket to Ride

The trip to New Orleans was without a doubt, the best New Years I remember. And I do remember what all happened on this trip. 😉

Well, let’s start from when I woke up at 2:30 am. My alarm goes off, I snooze twice and just as it’s about to go off again, Crystal comes pouncing into my room and on my bed. I think I had the most horrified look on my face – she freaked me out. And so the giggling begins! We packed the last few things, loaded up the car and headed to South Austin to meet Carlos and the boys. After we get the dog back in his house and solve a little bit of drama, we all get on our way. Crystal and I are so excited that we seriously can’t stop giggling…the entire way there!

The drive through Texas was fairly uneventful, except all the laughing. I have NO idea what all we were laughing about but every time we made a stop, the guys would get out of the car and we’d be laughing. I had to assure them that we weren’t laughing at them at all! When we got to Lake Charles (actually a town called Westlake, LA), we all decided to stop for a stretch break…at the Isle of Capri Casino! Carlos & Fernie played some roulette and Crystal & I tried our luck at blackjack. We were hoping to sit at different tables but there was only one $5 table so we ended up sitting next to each other. I tell you what, regulars at this casino just talk and talk and talk! We almost couldn’t concentrate. Then, the lady next to me started giving me (us) hints on how to play our hands and between that and hitting SIX backjacks, I was up $45 by the time we were done…three hours later! Unfortunately, Crystal was down $15 but she was sitting in a really bad spot. All the good cards just seem to bypass her. 😦 We couldn’t take any pictures inside the casino so we took one on our way out.

Then, we were back on the road. Carlos hadn’t slept since the night before so he crashed out in the back of their SUV. That left Fernie to drive them and I was back behind the driver’s seat of The Honda.
Hi Fernie!!

We looked for alligators…there has to be at least ONE in this swamp!

Before we knew it, we were in New Orleans. We got to the La Quinta (actually in Metairie, LA) and got excited that there was a Denny’s next door. Well, of course there was going to be…La Quinta only means “Next to Denny’s” in Spanish! LOL We crashed out for a few hours after the long drive.

Up next time, trying to find the party! Stay tuned.
Love you, mean it!

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  1. I had to laugh at your La Quinta means ‘next to a Denny’s’ in Spanish comment. About 2 years ago, I was travelling somewhere in this great state with another auditor, who is normally very quiet, doesn’t say much and has a very DRY sense of humor (you know, the kind that can say the dumbest thing and it’s still funny…but I digress), and just out of the blue, he sees a LQ billboard and says “Hmmm, I always thought La Quinta was Spanish for ‘located next to a Denny’s'”

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