It Won’t Be Long

Now, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, we had just gotten to the La Quinta in Metairie and crashed out.

So, the guys got up and went to the club to set up and do a sound check. Crystal and I hung around the hotel and played on the computer and called around to see if the local stores had a Wii. We started getting hungry so we headed around town to find something to eat. Since Crystal does NOT do seafood, we had to find something that was gonna be good but the place didn’t smell of seafood at all. Kinda hard to find when you’re in Louisiana, let me tell you. So, we finally decided on Chili’s. Yes, I know – we drove all the way to New Orleans to eat Chili’s. Well, when your friend gets ill just from the smell of seafood, you kinda have to go with something that is familiar. Anywho, I had some good salmon there so it’s alright. 😛

We found a truck painted like a zebra!

So, we got back to the hotel and got dressed and ready to go out. We were going to take a taxi the 12 miles to the club but there was a THREE HOUR wait for any cab in town. Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen. We decided to go ahead and drive my car. It’s only 12 miles and if we really needed, we could catch a cab on the way back (might be easier) and go back to get my car later. I looked up the directions to the club, loaded it into the iPhone and we were on our way.

We missed the first turn that was supposed to take us the highway. At this point, we should have known what was to come. I think we got distracted from all the fireworks (and our chatting and laughing) that were going on around town already. We found IH10 East and headed towards the Warehouse district. One of the direction turns on the iPhone was kinda confusing and I missed how long we go before the next set of directions. Somehow, 9 miles on IH 10 East turned into 3 and we thought we missed our exit. We went about 3 or 4 more exits, just to make sure and when we got to the Superdome exit, we decided to get off and turn around. Alright, I’d like to note that we were going EAST on IH10 to get to the warehouse district and the club. When we turned around and were on the access road, every entrance ramp to IH10 was for Eastbound. To get back to where we started, I needed to go west, right? So, I’m looking for an entrance ramp to IH10 west but there were NONE to be found. The only thing we saw was cops arresting people on EVERY corner and tent city under the highway. 😈 We got kinda scared, actually. We kept driving and found a gas station to find out anything about where we were in relation to where we were going. I just had to plug that into the iPhone with where we were going and we could have gotten new directions. No, SCARY GAS STATION!!! We finally got directions back to where we were going an got on the highway going the right way. We called Carlos, who had his GPS and helped us get to the right exit, which was TWO EXITS farther than the Superdome exit we originally got off at!!! Oh geez!

Needless to say that we were pretty shaken up and ready to get our drink on. We found parking and the club and ended up beating the guys there by a few minutes!! We walked in “with the band” and didn’t have to pay the $65 cover and still had access to the open bar everyone else got for their $65 cover. The bands were awesome and we had an awesome time.

We finally got there!! All smiles!

Next time, the video of the band playing, pictures from the Howling Wolf and what we did after we left Howling Wolf, as well as the adventure on the drive home. Stay tuned!

Love you, mean it!