5 thoughts on “Roll Over Beethoven”

  1. Calm down, it was free. When Finale makes me one of their partner educators and starts sending me free software, I’ll use that!

  2. Music fonts & symbols
    Sibelius’s standard music fonts Opus™ and Helsinki™ produce an exceptionally high-quality engraved appearance, supplied with alternative noteheads conforming to the US Music Publishers’ Association design standards. Also included is Inkpen2™, a font which simulates handwritten music and text (read more).

    Sibelius’s fonts include over 500 music symbols you can use, such as special noteheads, percussion markings, ornaments and avant garde notations.

    But you’re not just limited to our fonts. Sibelius is compatible with all the best-known music fonts, including Petrucci™, Jazz™, Susato™, Sonata™, Tamburo™ and Ghent™. You can even design your own symbols using any combination of characters from any mixture of fonts.

    As a matter of fact, yes! 😉

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