Act Naturally


For anyone who saw me at TMEA or since has probably heard about my left middle fingernail. For those of you who haven’t, in short, I almost ripped that fingernail off the night before I left for TMEA. Since then, it’s been hanging out, waiting to fall off and I’ve been wearing at least a bandaid on in, if not the finger splint if I’m going to be in a heavily populated area (like the exhibit hall at TMEA or the Narita Airport). It was painful for about a week but then, I’ve just been gentle with how I use that finger because I didn’t want to cause anymore pain than I’ve already had with it. I’ve even learned to type without it as hitting the end of the nail always caused a twinge to run up my arm. In fact, typing this is awkward because I’m making myself use that finger and I’m paranoid in doing it. LOL

So as you might have guessed, it finally came off today. I’m not sure what to do with it now (no, not the nail that came off, silly!!). I really hope a nail grows back, too! It looks funny now….

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