Octopus’s Garden

We are about to reach the two week mark of my garden. Yesterday was the first day of Spring so I decided to take a good look to see how it’s progressing. Earlier this week, I snagged a piece of arugula and man, was it full of spicy flavor!! So, here is my garden at two weeks:

The peppers are flowering.

Here come tomatoes.

New fronds in the fennel.

The garlic & green onions are getting some height.

The Japanese eggplant is blooming as well.

My spicy, yummy arugula.

I’ve got new growth in the peppermint as well.

Pfema decides to be the protector of the garden.

And Stanley watches from afar.

Some pretty purple flowers decide to join the party as well.

Can’t wait to eat it when it’s all ready!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Octopus’s Garden”

  1. heck yeah! love the garden! you’ll have to make me something when I come back. We’ll have some chips with your amazing salsa and top it off with some mint mojitos! 😉

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