In Spite Of All The Danger

I don’t find myself always defering to looking everything up on the iPhone since the browser uses up more battery life and can have REALLY slow days. This article says I have a risk of being more annoying than I already am, though! I hope it’s not true….

4 thoughts on “In Spite Of All The Danger”

  1. Sami has a Blackberry and we love having her look up things on the internet for us when we’re in the car or at Jim’s. Yes, it has solved many an arguement and that’s not a bad thing. It’s that damned texting that is annoying and rude at the table!

  2. ha! well, seeing as it doesn’t look like I’ll ever make the conversion to the iPhone (because I already forked over the cash for the iPod touch) I’m even going so far to look into getting the Alias or Voyager on my next upgrade. Then you get someone like me e-mailing on the iPod touch while talking on my phone and/or texting. 🙂

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