We Can Work It Out

I have my reservation!! The Chicago Hilton was sold out in THIRTY minutes this morning! I called at 6:40 am…10 minute late! 😦 Now, to find a roommate…..

The Palmer House Hilton

17 East Monroe Street
Chicago, IL
United States, 60603
Tel: 1-312-726-7500

Arrival Date: 16 Dec 2008
Departure Date: 21 Dec 2008

4 thoughts on “We Can Work It Out”

  1. Wait – SERIOUSLY?! I hate that the Hilton does it this way. I’m going to need to figure out a way to get a room there, ’cause staying at another hotel last year SUCKED.
    At least Palmer House is really nice — it’s just not quite close enough!

  2. hahaha… is this for Mid-West?? Man, I’m sitting here still unsure whether or not I’ll be going back to Japan. If I don’t though, I might need to find a floor to crash on because I’m definitely going this year. 🙂

    Actually, in both 2002 and 2003 when I went, I stayed at the Comfort Inn on Ohio St. Not the best place to crash, but it was cheap and I got it LAST minute!

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