The Octopus’s Garden…Week 4

You guessed it – it’s time for more garden pictures. I’m just absolutely amazed at how quickly things are growing. My new little challenge is going to be keeping the cats out of the dirt in the garden. It’s a cool little jungle for these guys but I’m afraid they’re going to dig things up and none of us want that!

The flower on the Japanese eggplant is beautiful. I almost want to pick it and put it in a mini-vase!

This bell pepper may seem larger than actual size.

I called this a bighorn pepper before but I stand corrected, it’s a COWhorn pepper. Still, if you live in Texas…. Here are two ‘horns.

I have about 4 or 5 cayenne peppers and LOTS of flowers. Again, if you cook with cayenne, let me know!! With 6 plants going, I’ll have LOTS.

I think my jalapeño pepper is shy. This was the best picture I could get of it.

The fennel has split out into about 4 plants now.

This is a cherry bell pepper. It’ll turn red later, too. Probably pretty soon….

I think these will split out and I’ll have a forest of green onions. I’m very excited about this!!

And when you look through the forest of green onions, you see the garlic. I’ll have quite a few of these eventually, too. Just not quite a forest, I don’t think.

When you have cats, you must be sure to have plenty of catnip on hand. This catnip plant must know how much the kitties love catnip because it’s growing new plants very quickly!