Helter Skelter

I got this in my Facebook inbox today. Wow. That’s about all I can say.

Please forward to all members.

The Tau Beta Sigma chapter at Miles College has been expelled due to physical hazing. The Sorority has a policy on hazing defined as any actions taken or situation created, intentionally or unintentionally, to produce mental or physical discomfort on or off campus involving members and/or prospective members, which may cause embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule.

If a chapter has been found in violation of this policy, their charter is to be revoked, and individual members of the chapter are to be expelled. In consideration of the recent actions of the members of the Theta Sigma chapter at Miles College and the results of the investigation into the matter conducted by the sorority, the National Council has voted to expel them from membership in the Tau Beta Sigma National Sorority as they chose to follow a path explicitly prohibited by the sorority.

At this time the following individuals have been expelled:
Carla Barrow
Chakee Tillman
Crystal Harrell
Erline Daniels
Gloria Stone
Kelly Rankin
Nakia Crittenden
Shalondra Gurley
Ti Ara Carter
Meosha Underwood
Kimberly Tyson
Brittney Lunye Smith
Marie Alvis
Deidre Williams

Members are to return their Tau Beta Sigma membership pins and regalia to University officials. They are no longer permitted to wear anything that would identify them as a member of Tau Beta Sigma. In order to maintain our organization we must stop hazing at all levels. Hazing is never okay. When in doubt about an activity please contact your Director of Bands or a sorority official and ask questions. If you know of any hazing taking place somewhere, no matter how small, please report it to the National Headquarters. We must work together to stop hazing!



Kimbi Sigle
Tau Beta Sigma
National President
(559) 307-6498

Director of Bands
Roosevelt High School of the Arts
4250 E. Tulare Ave.
Fresno, CA 93702

Peace out, girls.

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