From Me To You

So…I’ve been asked a few times now what I want for my birthday. Yup, it’s coming up…in about 14 days, to be more precise, as many of the loyal readers (if there are any) know. I thought I’d go ahead and just say that I’m saving for a new laptop (it’s a replacement, actually) so anything to help out with the new Apple would be nice (or Mario Kart for Wii). But honestly, I’m not expecting anything except you come to the party (if you can make it) or at least give me a call or e-card on the big day. If you’re really looking for something for me, I do have an Amazon Wish List you could always refer to. I haven’t updated it in a while so there are things on there that I’ve either purchased myself (I want for nothing much) or I’m not really wanting/needing it much anymore.

*shrug* Just come to the party!

Love you, mean it!

2 thoughts on “From Me To You”

  1. I got stuck at a Fry’s last week for over an hour playing Mario Kart Wii. :-P. Made me wanna buy a Wii for myself.

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