I’ll Be On My Way

I got a text today by a friend who knows I’m interested in grad school in my near future and it asked how much longer I was going to keep teaching because a professor I know just got a gig at a school as department chair of music at a small state university in the Midwest (is that vague enough?? LOL). This professor is a wonderful teacher (not instrumental) and a great man but not the reason I’m going to grad school. So, I text back how long I’m planning on teaching and that I’m not looking at this school and the text back is, “I’ wouldn’t look there, either”. So, what was the point?

This grad school thing is a very delicate subject for me. I think I got an okay education for my undergrad but more importantly, I had a great life experience. I learned how to make connections. I learned to not be afraid of what is out in the world and because of this, I’ve figured out that what I know is not enough – I want more! Going to grad school is about me and me only. Who I go to school with only depends on who is there and who shows up while I’m where I end up. I’m planning on focusing on my studies and becoming a better conductor and musician. It’s not about becoming a better administrator or making friends…not that I’ll turn away opportunities for new friendships or becoming a more efficient business person. I’m not toying or kidding around with the opportunities ahead of me here. This is for real.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be On My Way”

  1. wow, congrats on the posts! I’m on… 20 or 21 now. 🙂 go me! whoo!

    I’m curious as to what school this is. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. I really hope things do work out for you and getting where you wanna go and making the most out of your experiences to become the musician and teacher/conductor you’re striving to be.

    Makes me kinda wish there was a grad school that offered masters instruction in drill design so I could do the same. Except I’m stuck on my own and have to figure it out myself. 🙂 haha!

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