Any Time At All

I’ve really needed a new wireless router since mine is like 5 years old and the firewall technology is now pretty ancient. Krez has told me many a time how hackable my network is and I keep telling him there’s nothing on my network that anyone will want. *shrug*

About a year ago, Apple came out with Time Capsule. What’s better than a wireless router that will back up your hard drives (as long as you have Leopard on your Mac) as well??? So, I decided to go ahead and order one, especially once I figured that Apple wasn’t going to release anything cool this summer.

My Time Capsule, along with an Airport Express was due to arrive yesterday via FedEx (signature required). I figured they’d be at my house between 3-5 pm since that’s when I’ve noticed delivery companies coming though my neighborhood in the past. Keith showed up around 7:30 with still no FedEx delivery. I was pretty bummed but even if they did show up around that time, there was nothing I could do with it so I let it go.

This morning, I checked (stalked) the tracking online to show that they “tried” to deliver last night. When I got home last night, there was no slip that they had tried to deliver. I didn’t feel like sitting around waiting until who knows when for them to deliver so I called and had them connect me to the Howard Ln office. Jared was very helpful in explaining that with some other errors that happened in Pflugerville yesterday, delivery of my package was probably never actually attempted. After some very logical conversation, Jared said he would call the driver with my package and call me back with a time frame that delivery would happen today. He called back to tell me that I’d have my Time Capsule within the hour.

I should have it all setup and going way before I need to head out to Cedar Park for Jones’s party. I’m a very excited Cathy!

It just got here. The delivery guy says, “I knocked and rang the doorbell last night. You didn’t hear me?” Whatever…. He’s gonna have to bring the Airport Express by at some point as well. Maybe I should have mentioned that earlier to Jared on the phone…but it didn’t necessarily show it in the same place when I tracked it earlier.

The cats even appreciate the delivery ’cause it’s a box they get to play in. Or at least Pfema is getting to play in.