Area results

Well, the competitive marching season is over for the SPHS Tiger Band. Out of the 32 bands in the Area D Contest on Saturday, we came in 20th. Not too bad for a little band from the East Side. LOL One marching judge did have us ranked 13th – which is completely a highlight seeing as the marching fundamentals program were developed by yours truly. 😀 Yes, it would have been A.MAZ.ING to see this band go to State but by the first tempo change, I knew that finals wasn’t even in the picture. Even the kids admit that we marched a cleaner show at Region.

But you know, I’m excited about what we’ve accomplished this year. My first priority for these kids is a musical education. Many of them LOVE this music (from the Firebird ballet by Stravinsky), they’re now challenging each other for higher seats, they’re much better behaved in rehearsals, they’re more committed to the program than I’ve EVER seen, etc. etc. etc.. I think our jobs as educators is secure. We’re teaching these kids. I am a firm believer that a good teacher is one that leads their students to not needing them anymore at some point. To become independent thinkers and doers. I say we’re on our way. 🙂

OH, thanks to everyone who came out – Keith, Trish, Her-shui, Josh, mom. Thanks to DMJ for the shout out text that I got as we were on the bus on the way there. Your support of what I do means a lot.
Love you, mean it!