random picture Today’s kind of a random day. I got done with a lot of the stuff I needed to do this week so now, I’m taking advantage of a little bit of closed door time and cleaning up in my office. While I stopped to have lunch, I read quite a bit of stuff on “The Internet” and I feel fully educated now (kinda). So, here are the random things going on in the world:

  • Congrats to Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson on the birth of their boy. I can’t seem to find the picture of them I took last year right now but if I do, I’ll post it.
  • Deep sorrows to the family of long time (former) Texas Attorney General Jim Maddox who passed away last night.
  • If Texas Tech wins this weekend and loses against Missouri next week, UT will go to the BCS Championships, I think. The BCS algorhythms are still impossible for anyone to figure out.
  • Yes, there was a scary man working at Stony Point but he no longer is…but the cops are still looking for him. I don’t care if you’re only a few years older than her, sleeping with a student is not cool.
  • I can’t wait to get home to update my iPhone with iPhone 2.2.
  • I Can Has Cheezburger, etc. sites have very funny pictures/captions.
  • Keith just sent me a website with a recipe for Turbaconducken. If you’d like to add something extra special to your turkey, stuffed with a chicken, stuffed with a duck, look here for more info. I guess nothing on the web surprises me anymore!
  • Yes, there was a shooting close to Stony Point this morning but we’re all safe and okay. I have heard that the shooter was also the shootee and is no longer a threat to anyone, including themself. **UPDATE: It may not be a suicide after all and someone else dangerous may be running amuck. SCARY!!**
  • Another night of play offs tonight. RRISD Athletics Complex (The Palace on Parmer) at 7:30 pm against the Woodlands HS. If we win this game, we’re playing next Saturday in Waco. I’m excited ’cause a great season like this is long time comin’ for Tiger Football but I gotta say that I’m tired and ready for a break from this.
  • I’m liking this cold weather. Time for a bonfire and some smores!!!
  • Okay, that’s all the random for this week. Take care, have a great weekend and if you don’t check back until after Thanskgiving, have a wonderful one!

    Love you, mean it!