Take 3

As they say in School House Rock, Three is the Magic Number. At least it was for me in getting to Chicago this week. My flight Tuesday evening was delayed twice then canceled. Thanks to the efficiency of American Airlines, I was automatically re-booked so I got the back I checked on Tuesday afternoon and went home. On Wednesday morning, I got to the airport probably about an 1:15 minutes before my flight and spent almost that entire time in line to re-check my bag. So, when I finally got to the front of a line, it was only 29 or less minutes before my flight so the system wouldn’t take my baggage and I was told that this caused me to “miss my flight”. Needless to say, I wasn’t all too happy about take 2 being denied as well. They re-booked me (yet again, mind you) on the 11:55 flight but tried to get me a spot stand by on the 8:25 flight with no luck. Not even any more stand by spots left on that flight. So, I sat in the airport, watching Casino Royale (a much needed watch after being oh so disappointed with Quantum of Solace) until a few folks I knew came to wait for the same flight. Despite the drama, I’m glad I’m in Chicago. It’s been a great time already. Long day tomorrow so I’m gonna turn in.

Love you, mean it!

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