The Obama Obsession

I’ve never seen anything like it…other than for the love of Texas. As I watched today’s Presidential Inauguration, and they showed the massive crowd gathered in Washington, DC, I noticed the Nation’s new obsession – Barack Obama. His name and image was on so many things – shirts, hats, blankets, everything! I don’t know if there has ever been an inauguration with such rock star paraphernalia.

Then again, I can’t remember the last time I so wanted to not miss the inauguration. This was most certainly a significant event. I only heard of one teacher on this campus who turned on the TV in his/her classroom but refused to un-mute the sound.

I won’t blog a blow-by-blow opinion of the ceremony but I have to say that quartet was amazing. It truely takes professionals to maintain that tuning in that weather! I wish Aretha Franklin wouldn’t have ventured so far away from the original tune as she sang “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”. My co-worker Brian pointed out something very interesting. In the National Anthem, most singers will (poorly) take the upper octave on the word “free” as the song finishes up. The Navy Singers probably had several sopranos very capable of doing such but chose not to. A very wise and musical decision on their part, in our opinion.

I liked that Obama-Biden wore red and blue ties. And the rest of the Obamas were dressed very tastefully, yet not boring at all. I found irony in Hillary’s choice of a bright blue dress-coat. Isn’t that the same shade of blue that Monica’s investigated dress was??? I digress.

I guess the only other comment/question I have is, what was going through Former President Bush’s mind as President Obama spoke of the need for change and such for the future? No, not monkey or dumb people jokes. Seriously. I know that in his farewell address, Bush said he was proud of his accomplishments (or something – I missed that address) and all but everytime the cameras went to him, he looked very uncomfortable. His approval ratings are low. Probably not an easy seat to be sitting in.

Back to the obsession. Have you seen their family portrait? They’re a beautiful family. I just wish Michelle would’ve allowed her natural smile in this picture. I think it’s very pretty!