One of those update postings…

Quite a few things have happened in the last month or so. I guess I should bring my silent readers up to speed. I say silent readers because I was told yesterday, “I think everyone reads the Big Benford Show”. Kinda made me think I might wanna update this more regularly now! By everyone, I think Steve may just mean him and a few other music folks but hey, here’s a shout out to anyone who reads the blog:


Over spring break, I did some more planting. My intentions were to start the 2nd garden box but I didn’t end up getting enough soil so it’s just sitting, waiting for more soil still. I might plant some stuff once school lets out so I can have a fall “harvest” as well. In the original box, I planted a tomato plant and a pepper plant as well as some basil and more Greek oregano. A lot of the things I planted last year are coming back. I have a couple of poblano peppers that are already almost full size! The tomato plant is HUGE already and I have a lot of little green tomatoes starting already. If anyone needs any sage or rosemary, please let me know. I have so much, I’ll never be able to use it all. I guess I should find recipes that call for both and give that, as well as the herbs as gifts. I’ll try to get some pictures of the garden soon and post them. I’ve been slacking on picture taking of it. I also planted a peach tree recently. I have pictures of it –

Here’s the tree about where I’ll plant it.

Here’s the hole I dug.

The tree is in!

It’s got quite a few more leaves on it now, too. It had one little tiny peach bud pretty quickly but the storms and high winds that came through in late March knocked that bud off the tree. I’m hoping more leaves = more buds soon. I’m just happy to have another tree in my barren back yard!

After Stanley passed, I spent a lot of time trying to be home as often as I could be for Pfema. I think it took about a week or so for him to miss Stanley and now, he’s just kinda lonely. My dad says that animal don’t necessarily remember specifics like that for too long. The Jazz Ensemble kids were great and they showed up to school on Monday with tulips for me. I need to find a place to replant the bulbs…I think there are too many for the small pot they were in. I need to learn more about bulb planting – can’t be that hard.

Later in April, our bands went to UIL Concert & Sightreading Contest. For the first time in Stony Point Concert Band (my group) history, we got 2-2-2 on the stage and 2-2-1 in sightreading. This is a great step for this ensemble and I’m so very proud of them. No trophies yet…just improvement. YAY!!!

And that brings me to the other reason why I kept saying that April sucked – Keith and I broke things off. It wasn’t mutual at all but I respect his decisions. It’s really better for me in the long run. I, like Pfema, got beyond it pretty quickly…especially understanding who he is and how that is different from who I am. There are things about him I miss but honestly, I mostly miss the male companionship. Luckily, I have smart friends and for the most part, no one we both hung out with feels as though they have to choose sides. I guess it helps that we didn’t break things off angrily.

This brings us to May – and BIRTHDAY MONTH!! It’s funny, a few years ago, you would have known May was birthday month WEEKS in advance but this year, I’m not feelin’ it as much. Maybe it’s because I’m a much happier person in general these days and I don’t need a special occasion for me to feel excited about life.

I’m really coming to see that sometimes, people do things to fulfill their need to feel important. I know there are many things I’ve done in my life for that purpose. I also know that there are many things I’ve done in service of others or for true personal growth. Finding the distinction between the two is not always easy, especially when you are not centered and truly understanding of who you are and what your life’s purposes are. I’m very fortunate to have parents who have guided me, since I was very young, in a path of self understanding. I think this is why I have achieved so many great things so far in my life. When I bought my house 3 years ago (can you believe it’s already been 3 years?), my mom asked me if I was afraid that being a home owner might intimidate any men I might be involved with. I told her that if anything I do intimidated someone, they’re not the right person for me to be involved with. I feel the same for my friends. I’m quite blessed to have many friends who have their own lives and don’t feel a need to compete with the people around them because they are secure enough in their own lives. It sure does make life easier. 🙂