Garden Update

I’ve got garden pictures!!!

The original garden box has a few things that came back strong, some new additions that are flourishing beautifully!

The rosemary and sage are back strong from last year and the basil and Greek oregano is new for this year.

This is “Pepper Row”. The pepper plant in the front is new…but I can’t remember what kind/color of bell pepper it is. The pepper plants behind it are from last year. Pimento, cow horn, jalapeno, I think.

My new tomato plant is HUGE. I thought this was going to be a full size tomato plant when I bought it but I think they’re going to be smaller (cherry or plum) ones.

Do you see the 2 poblano peppers on this one? The plant is from last year, too.

I filled in the 2nd garden box this year and planted mostly seeded plants in it. Here’s the “big picture”:

So, in this seeded garden box, I have zucchini & yellow squash, cucumber, and radish. I also got 2 orange bell pepper plants and put them in here as well. I bookended the box with the squash but can’t remember which side has which. I guess I’ll enjoy the surprise when the plants mature! Here are detailed pics of that box:

One of the rows of squash sprouts:

Orange bell pepper plant #1

Radishes. Lots of radishes. I actually have to thin this row out quite a bit.

Cucumber plants

Squash on the other side

I also like to take veggies I already have, root and plant them. Here are 3 green onion plants:

My peach tree is growing leaves very nicely. Now, for some fruit! You can see that my crepe myrtles are blooming in the background as well.

All the gardening has also inspired me to add some natural color in other places of the house as well. In my living room, for one:

And I love the color to the bougainvillea out front:

So, that’s the farm…er…garden. If you’d like some radishes, I can certainly transplant some of the buds when I thin out that row and donate it to your health. I have LOTS!