And so we start again…

It seems as though there are more people out there reading my blog than I realized. I was told last week that I need to blog more because they enjoy reading my blogs. Thanks so much…now leave a comment so I get MY immediate gratification! LOL

First, I’d like to start by welcoming my friend Daniel Montoya, Jr. back to Austin! He’s been doing the grad school thing for two years and I thought it was feel like FOREVER for him to get back. And in some aspects it does and I guess since we chat via conventions and Facebook, it doesn’t. Either way, welcome back to the great ATX, DMJ! ~CB700

Speaking of conventions, I just got back from TBA. I was concerned before hand that I wasn’t going to get a lot out of it because there were so very few clinics that seemed at all appealing. Turned out, I went to more clinics at this year’s TBA than I had in the last few TMEAs or TBAs! The Michael Haithcock series as well as the “Big Ten Has Beens” series were very informative. TJEA had a good turn out at our meeting and lots of exciting things were announced. Don’t worry, once I get the minutes back from Brent, the secretary, and the guys at TMEA help get the new website finished and live, I’ll post them to the new TJEA website. I also got to hang out with friends I don’t normally get to hang out with…as well as meet new friends. Jose (trumpet) and Chris (horn) from the Boston Brass were a complete HOOT to hang with! It was fun being Jose’s tour manager for about 15 minutes. That’s about all I could put up with before I “fired” him from my services. Hah Hah!

Being back from TBA means band stuff starts up again. We’ve had our Band Leadership Camp the last few days and full band camp starts on Monday. We have 3 weeks then school starts up. I can’t believe it’s already time. Where did the summer go? Oh yeah – band stuff all through June! Oh well. Nature of this lifestyle (it’s not just a job, ya know?).

I am glad to say that I’ve been keeping up with my swimming and hitting the gym as often as I can. I think it’ll be hard to get work out time at the gym in in August but I mainly joined to swim so that’s okay. As long as I can get in the water, I’m good.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll add a few pictures once I get home and can get them from my camera onto “the internet”. I’ve been doing a lot of playing on Facebook this summer but I think now that school is starting back up and there’s no access from campus, I’ll be blogging again more. I have picked up using Twitter a little but mostly, I Twitter for the band. I hope all everyone has a nice rest of the weekend and a great next week.

Love you, mean it!