Soooo, I’m currently at WordPress 2.6.5 on this blog (and all the others I manage). WordPress has 2.9.1 available. It’s been SO long since I’ve attempted an upgrade and even longer since the last successful one that I have NO idea what I’m doing in the upgrade anymore. I think some of the files I have that were necessary aren’t…but the info in them are, etc. No idea, Techie-Becky is on a long term vacation. Anyone out there tech-savy enough and willing to help me do the upgrade sometime soon? The current version of WordPress looks AWESOME and I want in!!! Thanks for any help in advanced.

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  1. I had a feeling you’d respond, Brian! Funny enough, both of the sites/blogs I manage are hosted through ipowerweb and I have access to everything I need. I mostly do my file management using ftp and Mozilla’s ftp management software on my PC. I haven’t done any web management via my MacBook yet. Not sure what software I would use there. I’m guessing that’s my next “research” project.

    ps – YAY comments!!

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