Austin Comic-Con 2010

Brad & I went to Austin Comic-Con this weekend and we had so much fun! We didn’t quite know what to expect but once we got there, “settled in” and the convention figured out, we had a lot of fun.

There were a few talks we wanted to sit in on so we started with Billy Dee “Lando Calrissian” Williams. We got there about 1/2 way through so we had to sit in the back and it was hard to hear such a soft spoken man though a poorly set up sound system. I was sad that we didn’t get to laugh when others did because we just couldn’t hear about every other word that was said. Except that someone asked him about some show he had a guest spot in once and he couldn’t remember that he had done that show at all. How can you not remember a job?

Walter Koenig From there, we walked across the room to listen to Walter Koenig speak about his time as Pavel Chekov on the original Star Trek. He was very interesting to hear speak. For being in his mid-70s, he sure did have his wits about him and knew how to convey his worldly knowledge to his audience. Other than Star Trek and Babylon 5, he has also written a graphic novel and done charity work in Burma.

Yes, I typed “walked across the room”. I think this convention was supposed to have their talks housed in 2 large meeting rooms though the convention center but the Texas Art Educator’s Association convention was also being held at the Austin Convention Center and it seems someone got their wires crossed so there were no rooms for Comic-Con to use. They took the back room of the convention floor, partitioned off two opposite corners as meeting rooms and had their talks there. I should have taken a picture or something since it was such a ridicoulous set-up. I guess when you’re in a pinch, you do whatever you can to make things work.

Yup, the line started here. The line behind me.
After the Walter Koenig talk, we got in line to hear from the cast of the TV show Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. I never watched the show but Brad is a fan and watched the entire series so I figured why not. As the line slowly moved to the seating area, I started thinking that if we both sat through the Buffy talk, neither of us would have a good seat for the Adam West & Burt Ward (Batman & Robin) talk so I decided to see about getting in line for that instead. Low and behold, I was FIRST IN LINE!!! I got to hold the sign and everything. 😀 Turned out that a few others had had the same idea and had “started” a line at the end of the Buffy line but when they understood that I asked the girls with the “Line Starts Here” signs about the line and got said sign, they were cool about getting in line behind me. AND they were understanding about Brad joining me when he got done with the Buffy talk – mostly because some of them were in the same situation as well.

So we were front row, center on the Adam West & Burt Ward talk. It was the best talk of the day! Adam West is kooky and funny and I think Burt Ward still thinks he’s Robin. Yes, Adam West did a bit of the Batoosie for us and talked about his role as himself on Family Guy. Turns out that there’s going to be a new reality show about Burt Ward and his Gentle Giants dog fostering coming out soon. He talked a little about that, too. It was great to listen to them tell all the old stories about times on the set. They told their stories so well, I felt nostalgic and I wasn’t there to experience it originally. That’s a good story teller!

After the talks we made our way around the vendors area and most of the vendors there were selling toys – both collectible and not. There were lots of people in costume and lots of others taking pictures with people in costume. I just didn’t see how taking a picture with a complete stranger in a costume is something worth keeping. Maybe if someone had on a really cool costume to take a picture of them in it but I don’t know that I’d feel the need to be in that picture, too. You know?

We got around the vendor area to where the various stars were and found that NO ONE was talking to Adam West or Burt Ward so we decided to stop and chat. We ended up talking to Burt Ward for over 20 minutes about his dog rescue. Brad wants a Kangal someday and since Burt Ward rescues giant breed dogs, we figured he’d be the one to give us a little info. We got A LOT of info! They also sell dog food and I think I’m going to switch old Clipford over to it. It seems a lot healthier than what I’m getting for him already and it might just be cheaper (even after shipping) than buying the food from Bark & Purr. A little more research is needed at this point. Oh, I invited Adam West to dinner the next time he’s in town. Let’s see if he takes me up on the offer. I doubt it, seeing as I didn’t actually give him any contact information…but wouldn’t that be cool if I had and he called us up? He’s just kooky enough to not put it past him.
See, he WAS there! :) Adam West's doodles
The Batmobile The Bat Phone
Cathy & Erin Gray

So everyone else we ended up talking to were:

  • Walter Koenig
  • Lindsay Wagner
  • Erin Gray (I even got my picture taken with her for the low price of $10 to her charity)
  • Ernie Hudson (well, I just shook his hand as he was talking to another fan for a long time as we did with some stars)
  • Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca)
  • Larry Thomas (The Soup Nazi)
  • Ashley Williams (The Human Centipede)
  • I’ll post some pics once I get them onto Flickr. I thought I’d done that on Sunday but I think I shut iPhoto down too early and they didn’t all get uploaded. I’ve gotta close with saying that if you get a chance to check out a Comic-Con, don’t think it’s just for geeks. Just the opportunity to hear about the lives of these folks and see how personable they are. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

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