Gotta keep movin’…

It’s official – the house is listed and I have a place to live in Huntsville. I had a little episode yesterday after Karen (my realtor) put the sign in the yard and got all the information and pictures necessary to list the house. I bought this house 5 years ago and the thought that I may never live here again kinda freaked me out a bit. I know I’ve only put the house up for lease but with the nature of the degrees I’m looking to get and the possible jobs that might be available when I’m all done with my post-bacheloriate work, I really may not be back to live in Austin. Kinda scary – I’ve lived in the Austin area since 1983 so I’m kind of attached to the area. I can’t focus on all that, though. I have to keep the end goal in mind and know that the things that are meant to happen will become available to me in due time.

So the official listing of the house can be found here. Because it’s officially listed in the MLS, I need to ask that you contact Karen Halsema if you’d are interested in the house. You may use your own realtor if you have one, of course.

I’ll have another garage sale on Saturday, July 2 and I have quite a few things for sale online and some others coming. I think I’ll end up trying to sell all the stuff I have online at the garage sale. For the most part, only people not serious about buying have contacted me.

Alright, more packing must be done. Does anyone have any boxes?
Love you, mean it!

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